Saturday, October 30, 2021

Guest video: Fact-checking & Debunking Morrison's Net Zero 2050 'Plan' | Good COP Bad COP

The Australia Institute:

So Scott Morrison and Angus Taylor announced a net zero emissions by 2050 plan that projects that things will go wonderfully and that they won't need to change anything, especially not phasing out fossil fuel! How good.

However, their supposed confidence in beating their very weak 2030 target isn't enough to actually legislate any changes or increased commitments. This one is a real bin fire, and to help us along, and in honour of COP26 beginning in Glasgow very soon, we're drinking Scotland's finest scotch. Join us as we unpack loads of spin, mistruths and discuss what Australia should actually be taking to COP. (Hint: support and protection of the fossil fuel industry doesn't make the cut)

Also please excuse the noise from Richie's kids in the background. We're still working from home but as of next week, most of our content will be filmed in our studio again! Thanks for bearing with us as we navigated some interesting home setups. 

Good COP Bad COP is your guide to the UN Conference of the Parties (COP). COP26 is being held in Glasgow in November and has the potential to set the level of action that each country takes to prevent dangerous climate change.

See also other critiques of the Net Zero Plan:

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