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Thursday, October 28, 2021

COP26 Climate Summit Honest Government Ad | with References

Honest Australien Government Ad on COP26 by Juice Media. 

If you want to hear the bloody truth on what Prime Minister Scott Morrison is taking to the UN climate Conference at Glasgow, COP26, then this video gives you the important background information. 

This post provides references for the information in the video. This is a third party solidarity action to support this Honest Government Ad by Juice Media.

Australia is failing to update low 2030 climate emissions targets from 26-28% cut by 2030 to take to COP26. Government projections show emissions reduction may achieve 30-35% by 2030, but Government is refusing to increase the formal target. 

Independant modelling, purely based on the actions of state governments, by Climate Works Australia associated with Monash University, shows that 37-42% cut by 2030 may be achieved, The Federal Government is often working against state government action. 

Recently the Business Council of Australia produced two reports and advocated a 46-50% emissions cut by 2030. The Business Council of Australia represents many blue chip Australian corporations from many sectors (incliding mining). The second report was commissioned with the Australian Council of Trade Unions and two major peak environment organisations. 

See more references after the Youtube video.

Carbon Credits? 

‘Avoided deforestation’ projects do not represent genuine abatement, say researchers who liken the Coalition policy to ‘cheap tricks and hot air’. More information and read the report: Serious integrity concerns around Australia’s ‘junk’ carbon credits by the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Environment Minister approves 3 coal mines in a month, also appeals she has a duty of care

Australia's Gas expansion
The Australia Institute, 10 September 2020, Weapons of gas destruction: lifting the lid on emissions from gas

"The Government has approved three new coal projects in just the last month, with 20 new coal mines currently proposed for development in NSW alone.

If any doubt remained as to the Government’s intentions, Resources Minister Keith Pitt squashed it
with his recent endorsement of coal’s role in Australia’s economy for at least the next decade.

Under the “gas-fired recovery”, the Government also intends to unlock new gas basins.

The first of these is the Beetaloo Basin in the Northern Territory, which has already been allocated up to $226 million in subsidies.

This project could result in an additional 100 Mt of GHG emissions (made up of 40 Mt of emissions within Australia, equivalent to 7.3% of total annual emissions, and a further 60 Mt of Scope 3 emissions).

In WA, the approval of Woodside’s Scarborough Gas Field would result in an additional 1.6 billion tonnes of emissions over its lifetime (including Scope 3), the equivalent of building 15 new coal power stations.

The total emissions profile of proposed gas resources in Australia is projected at 329 million tonnes of CO2 annually, totaling two thirds of Australia’s current annual emissions. This equates to the emissions of 46 coal powered stations." - Australia Insitute Briefing Note, October 2021 - Government not on track for net zero by 2050

Coal and gas expansion while promising Net Zero?
Asked for his message to those currently employed in the coal, oil and gas industries, Mr Taylor sought to reassure them.  "I think those industries have a great future," he said.
- Net Exporters Data from IEA - Key World Energy Statistics



Climate Action Tracker - Russian Federation assessment

Russia’s efforts to tackle climate change are lacking. Under current policies, Russia’s economy-wide emissions are expected to either flatline or continue rising to 2030, when they should be rapidly declining.

Continued expansion of fossil fuel consumption and production for exports are planned in the government’s most recent energy strategy, while a commitment to scale up renewable energy sources is missing completely. Recently adopted economy-wide energy efficiency targets do not go far enough, and actions in other sectors like industry and transport are minimal.

The CAT rates Russia’s current policies as “Highly Insufficient” when compared to modelled domestic pathways. The “Highly insufficient” rating indicates that Russia’s policies and actions are not at all consistent with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C temperature limit. If all countries were to follow Russia’s approach, warming could reach over 3°C and up to 4°C. - Climate Action Tracker Policies and action note.

Australian Climate action polling:
The Australia Institute, 13 October 2021, Climate of the Nation 2021

Technology Investment Roadmap:
Fossil Fuel Companies paying tax?

For all the environmental and climate destruction wrought by the fossil fuel industry here in Australia and globally, you'd think there must be a significant payback through taxes, right?
Unfortunately not.

Massive fossil fuel companies utilise all sorts of accounting tricks to minimise the tax they are required to pay, and sometimes they don’t even pay that!

Thanks to the Juice Media team for another great Honest Government ad Telling the raw truth..
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