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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Australia at COP26 diary

UN climate conference, the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) is ocurring in Glasgow from Monday November 1 to Friday November 12, 2021 (but may also go overtime into the weekend). This is my digital diary of Australia at COP26. I may not be able to be present in Glasgow but I can still follow whats going on. Follow with me.

You can watch press conferences, main plenaries at the UNFCCC COP26 livestream site program. Civil Society have organised Climate Fringe TV that includes livestream events.

15 November: 

Glasgow Climate Pact outcomes: ambition, but too slow to prevent catastrophic climate impacts

A list of what COP26 achieved, but also the failure to live up to what the science requires. The Emissions Gap has diminished, but is still subtantial. Responses from Australia Institute, Climate Council and Australian Conservation Foundation. Major signal that coal is on it's way out, but also more subtle signals for phase out of oil and gas. Blog: Glasgow Climate Pact

13 November:

Negotiations on a fine wire in conference overtime: See final COP26 Blog tweet thread of Informal stocktake and COP Closing Plenary 

According to Bevan Shields in SMH, "Disagreement focuses on three key areas: emissions reduction pledges, compensation and financial aid for vulnerable developing nations, and the design of a voluntary international carbon market."

Some comments gleaned from Richie Merzian (Australia Institute) and others on Draft texts Version 3:

  • Maintains phaseout of unabated coal and inefficient fossil fuel subsidies recognizing the need for support towards a just transition;(+)
  • countries would be “requested” to update their pledges in 2022. CMA text still requests countries come to the next round of talks with strengthened 2030 targets (with specific reference to those countries that didn't bring updated targets to Glasgow).(+)
  • Glasgow Loss and Damage facility removed, to much civil society anger (CAN) replaced by a dialogue (more blah, blah, blah). Richie Merzian thinks "not sure enough Parties will hold up Plenary and the whole package if it comes down to it"(-)
  • Under the current text Parties are requested to bring back better targets for 2030. But it doesn't mandate that those targets align with 1.5 degrees, instead it uses past language which is weaker.(-)
  • "Version 3 of the covering text looks like it is firming up into a final - hope things will wrap this afternoon. Less likely to move on coal phase out, ambition, finance. Still big calls needed on markets" 
  • The real flashpoint is around markets, Whether the framework is tight enough to ensure integrity, avoid double counting, avoid the import of hotair and the creation of non-additional credits.
  • Article 6.4 market mechanism adds an independant grievance process (+), but their are integrity issues
  • Finance has always been a key issue, developed countries failed to meet $100bn target by 2020, but likely to reach this in 2023. "UN committee to report next year on progress towards delivering the $100 billion, and proposes government ministers meet in 2022, 2024 and 2026 to discuss climate finance." ABC

Colossal Fossil award of COP26 .... goes to Australia. USA 2nd, UK 3rd, and a Ray to the G77

After receiving 5 Fossil of the Day awards Australia was in the running for the Colossal Award, but the Colossal award is judged on slightly different criteria and previous awards aren't taken into account. It is a strategic award and usually there is some stiff competition. Australia was that bad, the worst of the worst of COP26. It should provide all of us working for climate justice to redouble our efforts. In the final day of the negotiation the G77 showed leadership in tabling and pushed strongly for the Glasgow Loss and Damage Facility and won a Ray of the Day for their efforts. Blog: Australia, Captain of the Fossil Fueled Five, wins Colossal Fossil of COP26 Reports: Guardian, The Age

Australia, Captain of the The Fossil Fueled Five gang

A side event to launch a new report looking at the fossil fuel production addiction of 5 developed world countries: US, Canada, UK, Norway and Australia. Richie Merzian called Australia the captain of this gang of climate recalcicrants, although 4 of them also feign climate ambition, Australia is unrepentant. Blog: Australia the captain of the villians? The Fossil Fueled Five - Comparing Rhetoric with Reality on Fossil Fuel Production at #COP26

UN Secetary General urges ambition to match the climate crisis

This speech by Antonio Guterres on Thursday provided important framing for COP negotiators to match the decesion texts to the climate crisis. Blog

Australia Other News:

Morrison reckons capitalism will solve climate change, doesn’t need a policy or regulatory environment. Problem is climate change is a huge externality that requires regulatory frameworks to  tackle. This is just abrogation of responsibility. The Age: Upbeat Scott Morrison calls on businesses to step up to the climate challenge

Ketan Joshi has written on the modelling for the Net Zero 2050 plan: "We’ll never know exactly what the Australian government asked of the agency, but we finally know what got spat out the other end: an extremely weird document blatantly designed to protect the interests of Australia’s fossil fuel industries while creating the illusion of ambitious climate action. It was delayed until the final Friday of Cop26 to avoid embarrassment during the global deliberations, so we knew it’d be bad. But it’s worse than expected." Guardian

Labor Leader Anthony Albanese responds on net zero modelling, especially the timing. Guardian

Climate independants to challenge in Coalition seats, funded by Climate 200. Guardian

12 November:

Draft texts for COP and CMA (Paris Agreement) decisions

I am not fully across negotiations text versions, but veteran climate journalist Ed King has summarised current status, and he argues appears to maintain reasonable ambition:

"The latest COP26 draft political text landed at 0713 (UK time), and appears significantly more balanced with stronger elements on adaptation, finance and loss & damage. The elements of the text aimed at speeding up action to close the gap towards emissions goals are there - with no radical changes from the previous version and dates still intact. The language on coal has been qualified but has survived the night, which many predicted it wouldn't." 

  • Para 27: New UN work programme to scale up GHG cuts, reporting at COP27 in 2022
  • Para 28: 'Urges' [strong language] countries who have not landed new plans to do so by 2022
  • Para 29: Requests all countries to raise climate targets in line with 1.5-2C by and of 2022
  • Para 30: Commissions annual UN assessment of climate plans from 2022
  • Para 32: Urges [strong] countries to deliver net zero mid century plans by 2022
  • Para 36: Signal to countries to accelerate shift off fossil fuels, coal to renewable energy
  • Para 44: Notes "deep regret" of developed countries for missing $100bn target 
  • Para 46: Urges countries' to 'fully deliver on the $100 billion goal 'urgently' through 2025
  • Para 66: Welcomes further operationalisation of the Santiago Network on Loss and Damage
  • Para 67: Decides [very strong] the Santiago Network will have a technical assistance facility to provide financial support for technical assistance on loss and damage 

Putting out the garbage: Australian Government drops Net zero modelling 3pm Friday afternoon

Australian Government has published the modelling (PDF) of net zero by 2050. More like net 15% by 2050 as the last 15% of emissions is left to magical technology. It forecasts coal mining to fall by 51% by 2050 and slow the growth of gas. Government sitting on its hands regarding climate policy and regulations, "All action is taken voluntarily by the private sector". Modelling for electric road transport based on slow take up to 2030 then accelerating to 90% by 2050 reflecting poor EV Future Fuels Strategy.

Ketan Joshi in a twitter thread says: "Even relying heavily on offsets, CCS (I assume), international trading, and tree planting, they *still* don't actually manage to reach "net zero" by 2050.
Real emissions = 215 MTCO2-e, "Net" emissions = 94 MTCO-e"

Climate Council Senior Researcher Tim Baxter, who analysed the modelling, said: “it may as well have been written in crayon. The most striking thing about this modelling is that it predicts the government won’t reach its own net zero by 2050 goal,” he said. “This is pure spin. A document that has the singular purpose of attempting to legitimise the Federal Government’s do-nothing approach." Climate Council 

‘Pure spin’: experts pan Coalition net-zero modelling that allows gas sector to grow. The modelling released on Friday afternoon also relies on offsets and unknown future technology for a large part of emissions cuts. The Guardian More reporting at the ABC, although lacks deeper analysis.

Shane Wright in the SMH analysis: This is not economic modelling on net zero "There remains no costing of climate change on the economy."

Dr Richard Denniss, chief economist at The Australia Institute reviews the Modelling saying “The Federal Government’s climate modelling is like economic science fiction. The claimed economic benefits come not from avoiding catastrophic climate change, that is ignored, but from a speculative $50 billion hydrogen industry and assumptions about financing costs." Australia Institute

Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance launches to phaseout Oil and Gas production

This is what leadership looks like: early movers step up in the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance (BOGA) on the phaseout of oil and gas production. Denmark and Costa Rica lead the initiative which includes 12 jurisdictions. It joins the Powering Past Coal Alliance in tackling the production side of emissions reduction. Blog: Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance launches at COP26 - early movers on the production side of fossil fuels addressing climate change

Climate Action Tracker assesses Emissions Gap including the pledges on Methane, Transport, Forests, coal phaseout

The key sectoral pledges announced at COP26 in Glasgow on methane, the coal exit, transport and deforestation would close the 2030  emissions gap between a 1.5°C path and government targets by around 9% - or 2.2 GtCO2e. Blog

Fossil of the Day to UK and New Zealand

Host country, the UK gets a fossil award for failing to do their homework on loss and damage finance. And they had a year extension to do it. The second award to New Zealand, thought that appearing green would disguise their lack of NDC ambition and they  literally said that just because a refreshing of the NDC has been asked of countries "it doesn't mean we have to.”  Come and join Australia in the (coal) sin bin neighbours. Blog

Australia shown to have highest greenhouse gas emissions from coal in world on per capita basis

Analysis released at Cop26 climate summit shows Australia’s per capita emissions from coal power nearly double those of China. The Guardian

Highlights of 11 November from Earth negotiations Bulletin

On the penultimate day of the Glasgow Climate Change Conference, pressure increased as time grew short. A few decisions were adopted but all of the outstanding issues remain. ENB

Australia News:

ASIC lays criminal charges against Griffin coal, a beleaguered Indian-owned Australian coal mine at Collie in Western Australia already facing a revolt from workers and a legal fight with its biggest customer. ABC

Australia’s only working carbon capture and storage (CCS) project, Chevron's Gorgon Project in WA, fails to meet 80% sequestration target. Australia relying on this technology for net zero plan and will poor millions to Fossil fuel companies into this failed technology. Guardian

Heavy rainfall break November records in Central Queensland causing flooding. (For every 1C of global warming, there is around 7% increase in intense rainfall) ABC Severe intense  rainfall event ABC live updates.

11 November:

Australia undermining trying to soften COP26 cover text on fossil fuel subsidies phaseout

Draft texts for the final decisions have been published. It is reported that Australia is trying to soften a clause that would give nations that have not submitted “new or updated” 2030 targets another 12 months to “revisit and strengthen” their emissions reduction effort. Secondly Australia also unhappy with another clause which “calls upon” nations to speed up the phase-out of coal and fossil fuel subsidies. SMH

US-China Glasgow Declaration reveals ambition still present by 2 largest emitters

USA-China Glasgow Declaration at COP26 maintains ambition on CO2 and methane. Blog

Australia's 5th Fossil of the Day award at this COP for requiring CEFC to fund CCS

Australia announces changes the regulations for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to fund Carbon Capture and Storage to keep fossil fuels afloat. Which wins the 1st place Fossil award, the 5th fossil of the day award to Australia at COP26. Blog

10 November:

Transport Day at COP26 with Declarations on EVs, Shipping and Aviation

Busy day at COP26 with transport side declarations on EVs (ACT & Victoria signed), Shipping (Australia signed) and Aviation (No show from Aus). Cycling, walking, micro-mobility and public transport, and stimulating mobility behaviour change seemed absent from the official channels. A Summary: Transport Day at COP26: aviation, shipping, EVs but don't mention cycling, micro-mobility or public transport

Civil Aviation High Ambition Coalition launches with low ambition, while Hoax site shows real aviation ambition

Yes, aviation a difficult area to decarbonise, but the latest attempt to claim progress offers little in addressing aviation's emissions and climate problem. The activist Hoax site showed what high ambition might look like. Climate Action Tracker and Independant reserachers also highlight some solutions. Blog: Civil aviation High Ambition emissions reduction at COP26? yeah nah just more greenwashing, blah, blah , blah - back to you ICAO

Climate Change Performance Index ranks Australia last on climate policy 

The Climate Change Performance Index has rated main countries since 2005. Australia has always been a relatively poor performer, and this year we have gone backwards. As well as ranking last on climate policy we have slipped 4 places to 58th of 64 countries overall. Blog

Extreme heat will impact health, cause deaths

1bn people will suffer extreme heat at just 2C heating, say scientists - Guardian | UK Met Office
On November 3 the UNEP released a report: Beating the Heat: A Sustainable Cooling Handbook for Cities, a guide to help cities adapt urban environments as the urban heat island effect is amplified by climate change.

Australia to change regulations Clean Energy Finance Corporation to fund CCS, soil carbon

Government will add $500m boost to CEFC, but will try to update regulations for this money to go on Carbon Capture and Storage (A failed technology), and soil carbon. Legislation is required and this is not a done deal yet, requires Labor and Senate crossbench support. Guardian

Australia: 4th Fossil Award at COP26 for 'Future Fuels Strategy' transport emissions policy

Underwhelming 'Future Fuels Strategy' earns Australia's 4th Fossil award of COP26 on poor transport emissions policy. BLOG

Alexander Downer makes an outrageous claim on aviation emissions, proven false

RMIT ABC Fact Check looked at Former Aus Foreign Minister Alexander Downer's tweet claim that the private jets ferrying delegates to COP26 would emit more carbon than Scotland does in a year. It was found false. ABC
Travelling to Europe could ‘cost $800 more’ to meet net-zero targets, according to Latika Bourke. This highlights the cost of provision of Sustainable aviation Fuel (SAF), says Annette Mann from Lufthansa’s corporate responsibility unit, who said that meeting the EU’s climate targets would add up to €20 billion ($31.4 billion) in extra costs between now and 2030.

9 November: 

Australia’s emissions from land clearing likely far higher than claimed, analysis indicates 

Australia caught short on LULUCF emissions reporting. An assessment of satellite imagery of more than 50 properties in Queensland by Martin Taylor, an adjunct senior lecturer at the University of Queensland, has identified significant discrepancies between what is treated as cleared land by Australia’s National Carbon Accounting System (NCAS) and the Statewide Landcover and Trees Study (Slats) used by the state government. Guardian

Fossil Fuel Lobby the largest 'delegation' at UN climate talks COP26

No surprises here, the polluters are talking, at least 503 Fossil Fuel executives and lobbyists walking and talking among negotiators at COP26 analysis of accredited delegates reveals. Well past time to Kick Polluters out. Blog

Australian Bushfire survivor tells a 1st world Loss and Damage story

Jo Dodds,  President of Bushfires Survivors for Climate Action Australia says "For us their is no more fire season any more...bushfire season is a year round thing for us Australia." CAN International press conference on #lossanddamage arguing Time for polluters to #PayUp4LossandDamage . Tweet

Blog: Survivors tell stories of Climate driven mega-fires at COP26 and call for urgent climate action

Resources Minister Keith Pitt says Australia will keep selling coal

Australian Resources Minister @keithjpitt offers the Drug Dealers defence for Australia to keep digging coal:  "Australia will keep selling coal for as long as the world keeps buying it". ABC RN Breakfast

Fossil Awards:  to UK and Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Czech Republic. Blog

Top UK Adviser Lord Deben blasts Australia on climate inaction

"When Scott Morrison tried to explain what he was going to do between now and 2030, it was just a whole series of words," Lord Deben told ABC RN Breakfast. "You cannot go forward without signing up to eliminating coal. We can't go on using coal, and Australia has to come to terms with the fact it's changing my climate and the climate of the rest of the world." ABC: Scott Morrison accused of failing to understand the 'urgency' of climate change

Federal Government to partner with private sector for 50,000 EV charging stations in Australia.

But no subsidies, tax incentives, sales targets or minimum fuel emission standards that would make electric vehicles more affordable - ABC
Responses: Richie Merzian (Australia Institute) on Skynews: How to Fix the PMs Lacklustre Electric Vehicle Strategy | Youtube
Electric Vehicle Council Response - Future Fuels a fizzer: Government's strategy misses opportunity to electrify Australian transport

La Trobe Valley community already moving beyond coal

Story of changes to work and jobs in Victoria's La Trobe Valley as the end of coal approaches with new renewables power generation, with support in just transition by the State Government. ABC

Adaptation day (Tuesday) and Australia had its National Climate Resilience and Adaptation Strategy

Australia updated its National Climate Resilience and Adaptation Strategy to present at COP26. But Australia refuses to develop a comprehensive National Adaptation Plan, unlike 71% of OECD nations. “Australia’s updated National Climate Resilience and Adaptation Strategy (NCRAS) falls short of what is needed to respond to climate disasters, which already cost Australians $38 billion annually, and projected to increase to at least $73 billion by 2060." Richie Merzian. Report by Australia Institute

7 November: Angus Taylor heading home, not staying at COP26 for 2nd week

Energy Minister Angus Taylor announces he is now heading home: "And that’s a wrap on my time in Glasgow at #COP26 . It was fantastic to meet with and hear from world and industry leaders. I was proud to present Australia’s impressive track record and innovation leading the way to net zero."
Santos CCS display gets wheeled away. Tweet

Issues slated for ministerial guidance in the second week. 

As Saturday progressed, the list became apparent: finance, Article 6, transparency issues, and common NDC time frames under the Paris Agreement, and also, loss and damage, IISD Earth negotiations Bulletin

The Promises Gap of Net Zero by 2050,  an Honest Government Ad by Juice media. Blog

Open Letter to COP26 leaders to boost cycling Infrastructure by 180 cycling related organisations

World leaders must commit to boosting cycling levels to reduce carbon emissions and reach global climate goals quickly and effectively. Open Letter

6 November: 3rd Fossil award to Australia for new offshore petroleum exploration

Expanding fossil fuel production, Resources Minister Keith Pitt has openned consultation on Offshore petroleum exploration for 10 areas from Western Australia, Victoria, the Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands, and the Northern Territory. Ministerial Press Release. This was done on Energy Day at COP and earned Australia its 3rd award at COP26. Blog: Australia scores Fossil award for new offshore oil exploration, Brazil for bullying indigenous people | Day 5 of COP26

Flowers for Mary Robinson from Australian women

Natalie Isaacs from 1 Million Women and Jo Dodds Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action present a  Bouquet to Mary Robinson for standing up to Energy Minister Angus Taylor and the Australian Government on using #FossilFuel to go green. Tweet

Global Day of action for climate justice, Over 100,000 march in Glasgow

Melbourne joins Global Day of Protest with multiple events from decentalized actions in Moreland, a city rally, a Funeral for Koalas at St Kilda. Melbourne joins Global Day of action #COP26 - Moreland Climate CUP and XR Funeral for Koalas. See also SBS: 'We are fighting': Thousands rally across Australia on global day of climate action

Up to 100,000 people expected at Glasgow march amid criticism over heavy policing at Cop26 summit Guardian Estimated that more than 100,000 protesters braved pouring rain and wind to take to the streets of Glasgow demanding stronger climate action from leaders in the midst of the Cop26 talks. Numerous marches in London, around the UK, and elsewhere. The Herald (Scotland)

Financial Times Australian climate Ad Wrap

An ad wrap of the financial times features the names of many ordinary Australians calling for Australian climate action. Blog: Its a wrap: Australians support climate action - Financial Times Wrap for Nov 6 for #COP26

5 November: 

Fridays for Future Rally estimated 25,000 attend

Features Greta Thunberg speech saying COP is Business As Usual, a greenwash. Blog

A COP26 Australian civil society side event.

Transforming Australia: from laggard to leader - Australian Civil society side event at COP26

If all promises kept (and that is a huge IF) global temperature increase may be kept under 2C 

“If all those pledges were to be implemented, the temperature increase [caused by climate change] could be limited to 1.8°C,” Fatih Birol of the IEA said. “We’ll see in nine days, but for the moment that’s an achievement to celebrate.” 

Separately, researchers at the University of Melbourne calculated (PDF) the potential at 1.9°C. Both estimates were still well short of the Paris Agreement goal of 1.5°C average global warming. But they pointed toward a major, life-saving improvement on the devastating 2.7°C projected last week in the latest Emissions Gap Report issued by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). RenewEconomy | The EnergyMix | The Guardian

Gas is the new coal - new report from Climate Analytics

Climate Analytics has just released a new report "Why gas is the new coal", looking at the role of natural gas in a 1.5°C compatible global energy mix and making the argument that it needs to be treated like coal: phase out as soon as possible. Some key numbers from the report:

  • natural gas is the largest source of fossil CO2 emissions increase  (42% 2010 - 2019)
  • it's responsible for about 60% of methane emissions from fossil fuel production and about 70% of the projected increase in fossil CO2 emissions under current policies to 2030. 

In a 1.5°C transition, the use of natural gas in the energy sector should already have peaked, gas needs to drop by more than 30% below 2020 levels by 2030, and 65% below 2020 levels by 2040. Climate Analytics twitter thread

COP26 has a lot of hype, but CANA CEO Julie-Anne Richards seeks out the vibe

In an Op-Ed in the New Stateman Julie-Anne Richards reviews the climate talks from her extensive experience of attending 15 of them, covers the essential issues, considers which nations have been stepping up to these negotiations. and gives some sense of the vibe form COP26 as we near the end of week 1. New Statesman: Cop26 diaries: Best last hope?

Fossil of the day to Poland trying to wiggle the most loophole out of its quit coal pledge Blog

The Australian Climate billboards in Glasgow for COP26

Three satirical climate billboards are around Glasgow letting local Glaswegians and UN delegates know how on the nose Australian climate policy is back in Australia. Well Done Dan Ilic. Blog

ACF COP26 Glasgow Live Panel Discussion

Talking about global fossil fuel phaseout, what Australia took to COP26, the Australian pavillion, the positivity in the COP, "the world is moving" but "We are the weakest link among developed countries" "Very positive, not seen since Paris, Very close to get global pledges to 2C mark" "Australia is an outlier, not there with the rest of the COP" (41 mins) - Facebook video

Pledge to stop fossil fuel finance at end of 2022

20 nations and 5 international financial institutions pledged to stop all fossil fuel public finance at the end of 2022. It is the first commitment covering coal, oil and gas. It includes US, Canada, Costa Rica and Mali and the European Commission. It will unlock and redirect $18 billion from fossil fuels to renewables. It leaves out China, Japan and Korea which are countries with a fossil fuel addiction. The ending of all fossil fuel development is urged both domestically and abroad. Source: Jean Su CAN International press conference. Statement on International Public Support for the Clean Energy Transition

Global Coal to Clean Power statement to be published today, which includes a commitment to make a just transition. It has 77 signatories, which includes 46 countries, 23 of which are making commitments on ending coal for the first time.

Finance - ANZ Bank and Macquarie Group Ltd have joined Net Zero Banking Alliance: 

ANZ and Macquarie Group are the only two major Australian banks, so far, to sign the Net-Zero Banking Pledge (both on 21/10/21) Over 90 banks globally have pledged as of 3 November. Where are you Commonwealth, Westpac and NAB? Net Zero Banking alliance

4 November: 

40 Countries and over 100 organisations commit to coal phaseout

Global Coal to Clean Power Transition Statement has been signed by 190 countries and organisations, including sub-national governments, financial institutions and utilities, that have committed to phase out coal power and end support for new coal power plants. This includes Poland, Vietnam, Morocco and Chile, which will join countries that include the UK, Canada, Germany, Italy and Spain that have previously made the pledge to phase out coal fired power stations. It is understood that both Indonesia and South Africa are also considering joining the statement. RenewEconomy

Australian Energy Minister Angus Taylor said the government’s focus was “not on wiping out industries. It’s on bringing down the cost of low-emissions technologies and making sure those low-emissions technologies can deliver for Australians and for our customers throughout the world,” The Guardian

Fortescue Future Industries signs Green Hydrogen deals with Jordan and Argentina

Andrew Forrest made his billions in iron ore. He is now pivoting in a big way to green hydrogen with the renewables electrolyser plant at Gladstone and now using COP26 networking for  Green hydrogen production with solar and wind in Jordan and Argentina. RenewEconomy

Greenpeace report highlights Australia as a Pacific bully on climate finance

Australia has been accused of “greenwashing” its international climate finance commitments, claiming credit for aid projects only tangentially related to climate change, and using international funding to “bully” Pacific region neighbours into silence on climate change. RenewEconomy Greenpeace Report:Australia: Pacific Bully and International Outcast How Australia’s Climate Policies Isolate It from the Region and the World 

Funding gap between Fossil Fuels and Renewables projects in Australia

Australian fossil fuel projects given $36.7bn in foreign public financing over a decade. Renewable energy received $3.3bn in the same period between 2010 and 2020. But the gap is starting to narrow says new report by Jubilee Australia: Fossil Fuel Pushers (2021) |  The Guardian

Australia Institute report: Undermining Climate Action The Australian Way - a climate bomb

New fossil fuel projects under development in Australia would result in 1.7 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year – equivalent annual emissions of over 200 coal-fired power stations, twice as much as global aviation. Four times as many power stations as China may build. The Guardian Australia Institute Report: Undermining Climate Action The Australian Way

High Ambition Coalition and Climate Vulnerable Forum both issue statements

The US has rejoined the High Ambition Coalition. This Coalition drove the breakthrough to land the Paris Agreement in 2015. Can they do it again? Leaders Statement
The Climate Vulnerable Forum statement also important for driving ambition as part of a political outcome:  Climate vulnerable nations adopt ‘Dhaka-Glasgow Declaration’ outlining their demands for COP26

Indonesia could phase out coal by 2040 with financial help

Indonesia is the 8th biggest emitter of greenhouse gas, with coal making up about 65% of its energy mix. It is also the world's biggest coal exporter. Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said Indonesia would announce on Wednesday detailed plans to move to cleaner energy, with the phase-out of coal. Jakarta has identified 5.5 gigawatts of coal power plants that could be retired early in the next 8 years, estimating this would cost $25 billion to $30 billion. being the key issue. country would also need international support to ensure electricity remains affordable when it switches to renewable sources, citing a temporary calculation of a need for $10 billion to $23 billion in "implicit subsidies" for renewable power projects until 2030. Reuters

Fossil of the Day awards on Day 3: USA, Fance and IETA. Blog

3 November: US rejoins the High Ambition Coalition

The US has rejoined the High Ambition Coalition at the UN climate talks, the group of developed and developing countries that ensured the 1.5C goal was a key plank of the Paris agreement in 2015. In Paris Australia was shamed into flirting support, but Fossil fuel expansion and poor climate policy could not sustain our membership. Guardian

Australia signs on to the Breakthrough Agenda

Breakthrough Agenda is an unprecedented international clean technology plan to help keep 1.5°C in reach. It was launched by the United Kingdom and a coalition of 42 world leaders, whose countries collectively represent 70% of global GDP, at the COP26 World Leaders Summit. It covers the 5 areas of power, road transport, Green Steel, Hydrogen and Agriculture. Australia committed in each of the 5 areas. UK Gov Policy Paper, UN Race to Zero Glasgow Breakthroughs

Australia signs on to Glasgow Leaders Declaration on Forests and land Use

115 countries have so far signed this pledge, including Australia to stop deforestation and reverse land degradation by 2030. Australia did not sign the Global Forests finance pledge. Blog: Over 100 leaders commit to end deforestation by 2030 with Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forest and Land Use

Accelerated Just Energy Transition for South Africa

Leaders from South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany and the European Union have announced a ground-breaking partnership to support South Africa with an Accelerated Just Energy Transition. This is a a first step, with an announced $8.5billion can be made available over the next 3-5 years to support South Africa – the world’s most carbon-intensive electricity producer – to achieve the most ambitious target within South Africa’s upgraded and ambitious Nationally Determined Contribution. European Commission, France, Germany, UK, US and EU launch ground-breaking International Just Energy Transition Partnership with South Africa 

Global Methane Pledge officially launched with over 100 countries, but not Australia

"Just a few months ago there was only a few countries on board" said John Kerry. "Now, more than 70% of global GDP are on board. This is the COP at its best. We are going to act now, we can get this done. This is not a hard choice. The benefits of a cleaner planet a safer planet for the future." said Kerry.
Includes Saudi Arabia and Brazil, but not China, Russia, India or Australia. Blog

SANTOS belching the Australia way at Australian Pavillion

This morning Energy Minister Angus Taylor had a joint press release in the Australian pavilion – with Santos, a major gas company – spruiking carbon capture and storage.  See Press release: Australia's first CCS hub to be operational by 2024. This is a technology designed to allow the continuation of fossil fuels on the fiction that one day it might work to bury emissions at scale. So far CCS has proven extremely problematic in other projects such as CCS failures at Gorgon. See Blog: Australia has a pavillion at COP26 and it appears to be a Santos gas and CCS promotion

Australia receives 2nd Fossil Award on Day 2 for Angus Taylor spruiking fossil fuels and CCS

Angus Taylor joint media event with Santos at the Australia pavillion earned Australia it's second Fossil award of the COP. Norway and Japan also awarded Fossils. India and Scotland warded Rays of the day for exception stepping up. Blog: Fossil Awards to Norway, Japan and Australia, Ray awards to Scotland, India at COP26 Day 2

2 November: 

Deconstructing, factchecking and debunking Prime Minister Scott Morrison National Statement

In the early hours of the morning Scott Morrison delivered Australia's National statement on climate action to COP26.  I have gone through the speech paragraph by paragraph providoing a needed factcheck. Blog: Deconstructing Australia's National statement on climate action at COP26 delivered by Scott Morrison

Morrison announces climate finance increase, but still less than our fair share

Morrison announced at the COP26 talks in Glasgow that Australia would commit an additional $500 million to developing nations in the region to tackle climate change. This is in addition to increasing Australia's main climate finance from $1.5 billion to $2 billion for 2020-2025 period as announced in National Statement speech. Source: the Age - Pacific nations need carbon cuts from Australia, not just cash: Fiji Prime Minister

Australia receives one of two first Fossil Awards of COP26

On the first day of COP26 Australia and the UK both received Fossil of the Day awards. There was also an article on The Australian Way in the ECO newsletter. Blog: Fossil of the day awards to Australia and UK on first day of COP26

Global methane pledge to reduce methane emissions grows to 90 nations, but no Australia. 

That’s an increase of around 30 from last week. Key countries that still haven’t said they will join include Russia, China and Australia -- some of the world’s biggest methane emitters. Brazil has now signed on. The pledge will be launched at COP26. Guardian
See Camden Haven Courier OpEd: Cow hysteria is distracting from real climate issues Argues that cow hysteria distracts us from the other methane problem which is growth in gas production 

Santos announces carbon storage deal in South Australia earning carbon credits. 

Photo Coutesy Bushfire Survivors (@BSCA_Aus)
Oil and gas giant Santos will proceed with a $220 million carbon capture and storage project in South Australia’s north. It is the first project of its type registered under the Emissions Reduction Fund. The carbon to be stored represents about 7% of SA’s emissions and will cut emissions from gas production at Moomba by 70%. Yet Australia won't sign Global Methane Pledge. The Guardian
The $220 million project would receive about $720 million in carbon credits over its life. “Two-thirds of billion dollars of taxpayer cash subsidies will make this yet another handout,” Mr Buckley from IEEFA said. “Any pretence the fossil fuel industry is able to stand on its own two feet is clearly absent.” SMH

1 November: Meeting of COP opens

The indigenous story of India Logan-Riley from Aotearoa motivates COP26 opening in Glasgow. Blog

Australia has not done it's homework for COP: 

Richie Merzian, an NGO observer for the Australia Institute at COP26, says in his first blog at the New Daily "at the end of the day, the Australian government just hasn’t done its homework. And if COP26 fails, the Morrison government will have to share some of the blame.

Ex-UNFCCC head Christiana Figueres blasts Australia's net zero target

“What Australia continues to do, which in my book is nothing other than to dig into dark holes of poison for itself and for the planet is completely irresponsible," says former head of UNFCCC Ms Figueres  "I think it's still suicidal.” "If Australia did not have an option, one could perhaps understand, but Australia has much to benefit from in a de-carbonised economy," Ms Figueres said. "Australia sits on a treasure chest, a treasure chest of new and new renewable energy that can be used in and of itself, but also to produce green hydrogen." Source; ABC

Opposition Labor leader Anthony Albanese on coal fired power phaseout

Opposition Labor leader Anthony Albanese visits a New England windfarm in Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce electorate and is asked about Labor's plans to phase out coal-fired power.

Reporter: There’s a fair few calls for some sort of global plan to phase out coal-fired power. Do you reckon that’s worth considering?

Albanese: Well, nation states are making their decisions, and they have implications for what happens in terms of the energy sources. And we know that that will occur going forward.

We know that we need to move to a clean-energy economy and that is something that’s needed to happen globally. So, that is having an impact. It will continue to have an impact.

All of our major trading partners have adopted targets of net zero by 2050. In China’s case, net zero by 2060, but that has real implications for the energy mix. And here in Australia, we know that the cheapest form of new energy is clean energy.

It’s the energy that we see behind us here at this wind farm, that can power over 200,000 homes. That is what we see occurring right around Australia. And we see similar initiatives, of course, happening in other parts of the world.

Source: Guardian Live 

G20 communique has been released. Some excerpts from: G20 Rome Leaders Declaration

Comment: fossil fuels only mentioned once, in the paragraph to phasedown inefficient fossil fuel subsidies. Good that there is still active languarge on ambition and 1.5C target. Use of 'in light of different national circumstances" is a loophole for countries to except themselves, such as Australia with its coal and gas sectors. Overall, it still maintains momentum going into COP26. See excerpts at Blog: Morrison at the G20 in Rome - blocking coal phaseout and deflecting climate ambition.

"G20 failed to reach agreement on a crucial deadline for the phase-out of fossil fuels, due to opposition from Australia, China and India, which prevented any language being included in the G20 communique that would suggest countries would commit to ending their use of coal, gas and oil altogether. It is becoming clear that Australia is set to again play a major blocking role during the COP26 talks, a taste of which we’ve already seen during the G20 meeting. But in Glasgow, Morrison and energy minister Angus Taylor will be doing so with virtually no diplomatic capital to play with." RenewEconomy

Former President of Ireland Mary Robinson critical of Australia's lack of action 

In an interview on The Project TV Former President of Ireland and Chair of The Elders at COP26, Mary Robinson publicly criticised Australia's response to climate change. Tweet.

Extreme events and major impacts of Extreme weather

Past 7 years set to be the warmest on record, Sea level rise is at a new high, accompanied by continued ocean warming and acidification. Many extreme events with major socio economic impacts.. World Meterological Organization (WMO): State of the Climate in 2021 report released at COP26

31 October: New Zealand sets 50% 2030 emissions target.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern showing Scott Morrison how to lead, setting a new target for New Zealand of 50% reduction by 2030 on 2005 levels, equating to a 41% reduction on 2005 levels using an ‘emissions budget’ approach. Civil society have criticised that the cut is not enough for 1.5C pathway. - Stuff

Morrison at G20 in Rome set to block coal phaseout, deflect attention away from climate ambition - Blog Post 

Energy Minister Angus Taylor explains why Australia has no updated 2030 target for COP26

Climate of The Nation Survey
David Speers on ABC Insiders: Finally, the Glasgow summit that you’re heading to, it is all about the 2030 target. Most developed countries are increasing their 2030 ambition. Australia is taking the same target, the 26-28%. Why won’t you budge on this? And why won’t you even take to the next election a promise for a higher target?

Taylor: Well, we went to the last election and we said to the Australian people we had a 26-28% target. Labor had a 45% target without a plan as to how they were going to achieve it, and the Australian people put us back into government for another term."

"They [the Australian voters] made it very clear – well, this is our policy. We’ve got absolutely no plan to change it, none, whatsoever.

Speers: Why not? Why won’t you go to the next election with a higher target?

Taylor: Because the Australian people told us two and a half years ago what they thought the right answer was and we are sticking with it. The good news is we are going to meet and beat that target. We will reach up to 35% reduction in emissions. We have improved on our position versus 2030 as we did with 2020, every year, and our goal is always to meet and beat our targets, but we set a target and we will keep faith with the Australian people on that target. - Source: Guardian

Comment: During the interview Speers attempts to get Taylor to outline the cost of the net zero plan and Taylor admits that the government has only planned how much it is going to spend over the next decade ($20 billion), with no new policies. Taylor's comment on the target is despite consistent polling showing high concern on climate change and strong preference for climate action. 53% wanted a more ambitous 2030 climate target, 60% of Australians support Australia following the IEA pathway and not approving new gas, coal or oil projects. See Blog: More ambitious climate action needed say Australians in 2021 Climate of the Nation Poll

Lord Debden, UK Top Climate advisor, scathing attack on Morrison Net Zero Plan

UK top climate advisor Lord Debden: “I’m afraid that if you look at Scott Morrison from Australia, we’ve squeezed out of him a commitment to #netzero in 2050 but there’s no indication at the moment that he’s got a proper program for that.” - Guardian

Is Australia's Research and Development spending up to scratch for new technologies?

A new report by The Australia Institute Chief Economist Richard Denniss shows Australia's Research and Development spending is at the lowest level of the past 20 years. Is it really up to the investments needed in new technologies being relied upon in the Government's Net zero plan? - Australia Institute Report Bending the Trend

30 October: Factchecking and debunking Australia's net zero plan

Polly Henning and Richie Merzian from the Australia Institute in a 16 minute video go through the Morrison announcement dissecting the problems and spin in Morrison and Taylor's announcement of Australia's net zero 'plan'.

Climate action being done by the states: Victoria emissions drop 25 per cent below 2005 levels. Blog: Victoria reduces emissions by 24.8%, on track for 45-50% reduction by 2030

Net zero Plan allocates 10-20% to domestic and international offsets. Estimates in the plan for carbon dioxide storage in trees and soil go far beyond upper bounds of what peer-reviewed science suggests is possible. Source: Guardian. See also this tweet thread by Polly Hemming on Indo-Pacific Carbon Offset Scheme. 

National Climate Resilience and Adaptation Strategy 2021-25 to be presented at COP26: Released Friday says cost of natural disasters in Australia will increase from about $38b to $73b by 2060 even with ambitious global action to reduce emissions. No new funding attached to the strategy. Lttle mention, compared with the 2015 strategy, of the need to cut emissions to reduce the climate risks in the first place. Polly Hemming, an adviser at the Australia Institute, said the policy “simply re-announces existing initiatives” and was light on detail. “While introducing three overarching objectives, there are no clear targets or timelines,” Source: Guardian live | Strategy PDF

International Reaction to Morrison Netzero 2050 'plan' - reported by @mb_dahlstrom at Yahoo news, “Australia’s international reputation is being shredded according to new data which shows the country’s climate-change policies are striking a raw nerve”. The data shows that there has been a widespread negative response to Morrison’s “plan” across both conventional and social media. “Hot mess”, “failure” and “pigs” have been among the trending terms. See David Ritter Tweet Thread

29 October: Macron tells Morrison increase ambition and dump coal at home and abroad

In a phone Conversation between Prime Minister Scott Morrison and President Macron from France. Macron said Australia “broke the relationship of trust.”  On climate, the French President "encouraged the Australian Prime Minister to adopt ambitious measures to meet the climate challenge, in particular the increase of the determined contribution at the national level, the commitment to cease production and the coal consumption at home and abroad, strengthening Australian support for the international solar alliance, "according to the Élysée Palace. - France24

Methane emissions debated revealing Government has no transition plan. Blog: Methane Pledge debated by Barnaby Joyce and Mike Cannon Brookes highlighting lack of net zero transition plan

Angus Taylor will be attending first week of COP26 "to promote Australia as a safe and reliable destination for investment in gas, hydrogen and new energy technologies" The key part of this is pouring money into Carbon Capture and Storage to produce Blue Hydrogen to market as clean hydrogen. Taylor is hoping to drum up investment business in coal and gas to keep burning the world. 
"The updated NDC will affirm Australia’s net zero emissions by 2050 target, the seven low emissions technology stretch goals set out in our Plan, and our commitment to meeting and beating our 2030 Paris target." advised the media release
Source - Angus Taylor to promote fossil fuels at Glasgow Cop26 climate summit" - the Guardian

China submitted a new NDC with only a slight increase. Main aim is to have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060; The slight increase is to lower CO2 emissions per unit of GDP by over 65% from the 2005 level. CNN

28 October: Honest Government Ad on COP26

If you want to hear the bloody truth on what Prime Minister Scott Morrison is taking to the UN climate Conference at Glasgow, COP26, then this video with references gives you the important background information.

Powering Past Coal Alliance says COP26 must consign coal power to history. Australia?  Australian environment minister approves third coal project in a month (5 October) 

Mathias Cormann, now head of the OECD, now urging Australia to adopt carbon pricing. Cormann was a Liberal Party Senator who was instrumental in repealing the nation’s key climate policy in 2014 under Prime Minister Abbott. Source: Guardian

Barnaby Joyce takes credit for excluding methane pledge from Net Zero plan

Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce takes credit for Australia not signing Global Methane Pledge giving straw arguments for the beef industry when long term trend is methane from agriculture is decreasing while fossil fuel methane is rising. There are solutions for reducing methane emissions in both sectors. Even Saudi Arabia has signed on. Labor's Shadow Climate Minister Chris Bowen says "We are not calling on the government to sign that pledge," Background Info: Nature Editorial 25 August on Methane emissions. Source: ABC: Barnaby Joyce says agriculture carved out of net zero by 2050 deal, more funding for regions

27 October: Offshore Wind Bill debated in House of Representatives

Its taken 8 years of coalition Government to introduce the Offshore Wind Bill to parliament to create a licensing regime. Offshore wind is a mature technology, but it is not a technology given high priority in the Government Technology Investment Roadmap which forms part of the Government Net Zero 2050 Plan.

"For a government that talks up 'technology not taxes' it is so disappointing that we've had to wait so long for this legislation" says Labor MP Kate Thwaites, who says the ALP supports this bill but puts forward the policy needs more work to deliver for jobs and communities. Blog Post: Offshore wind Bill debated in Canberra to unlock offshore wind energy resource

UNEP Emissions Gap report reveals world on target for 2.7C by 2100

The UN Environment Program published 2021 Emissions Gap - The Heat is on report analysing current Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) revealing world on track for a global temperature rise of 2.7°C by the end of the century. Commitments made for 2030 but not yet submitted in an updated NDC – only take an additional 7.5 per cent off predicted annual greenhouse gas emissions in 2030, compared to the previous round of commitments.  Australia submitted an updated NDC in December 2020 with no change in 2030 targets, which will be the policy position at COP26, although Morrison & Taylor will try to spin a projection of a 30-35 per cent emissions reduction by 2030 'beating' our extremely low target. Australia also falling short on our fair share of climate finance.

On reducing Methane emissions the report says Australia is one of the worst, a reason to sign on to The Global Methane Pledge: "Among the major emitting countries analysed, China, the Russian Federation, India and Australia show the greatest emission gaps for methane, with their NDC reductions relative to their 2°C reductions less than the global mean for both 2030 and 2050." See: UNEP Emissions Gap: planet heading to 2.7C climate catastrophe without needed 2030 ambition at COP26

Science Corner: Australia's hydrogen revolution needs to be renewables powereed

Conversation article by John Mathews, Professor Emeritus, Macquarie Business School, Macquarie University:Australia’s clean hydrogen revolution is a path to prosperity – but it must be powered by renewable energy

26 October - Scott Morrison formerly announces Australia's net zero by 2050 target

Australia taking a technology not taxes meet and cheat projection to Glasgow, which is another way of climate delay and denial while expanding fossil fuel production

"You will be supported by our data projection that will see us exceed our 2030 target with emissions reduction of up to 35% by 2030. We will keep our commitment, though, when it comes to our pledge that we made, and took to the last election of 26 to 28%, but we will meet it, and we will beat it. And we’ll beat it with emissions reductions we believe about the 35%." said Morrison. Yeah the work of all the states will see Australia achieve 37-42% emissions reduction. Federal Government doing SFA according to modelling on 2030 climate targets.

"This is the right plan for Australia – to summarise the outcome from it, which we’ll see in the plan, Australians $2,000 better off on average in 2050 compared with no Australian action." says Angus Taylor. mmm Acting fast with renewables with strong 2030 targets showed citizens would be $5000 better off according to Business Council of Australia report. Guardian Australia Politics Live.

See Blog: Morrison Net Zero 2050 Plan a fraud, with plans to double coal exports, new gas expansion

26 October - UK PM Boris Johnson hails Morrison's 2050 net zero policy as 'heroic'

"Australia’s new formal pledge to cut emissions to net zero by 2050 is “heroic” and should be applauded, Boris Johnson has said, while also warning next week’s Glasgow climate talks are at risk of failure." reports the Age. The master of UK Buffoonery congratulating the master of Aussie spin marketing.
Johnson did not raise Australia’s unwillingness to boost its 2030 target. Previously, COP26 president Alok Sharma said that Britain wanted Australia to pursue a 45 to 50 per cent cut (5 October report)

26 October: Two Torres Strait Islanders initiate class action case against Federal Government

Two Torres Strait community leaders lodged a case in the Federal Court against the Australian Government, alleging it failed to protect First Nations traditional owners living on the front line of catastrophic climate change. The Gudamalulgal traditional owners, Wadhuam Paul Kabai and Wadhuam Pabai Pabai, from the remote, low-lying islands of Boigu and Saibai,l say the government’s failure to reduce emissions will force their communities to become Australia’s first climate-change refugees. Case is modelled on the Urgenda Foundation case in The Netherlands. Source: SMH

26 October: An Australian climate billboard banned in Glasgow

Organised by Dan Ilic and shown in Times Square, the Apology from Australia billboard has been banned from display in Glasgow. The billboard was designed by a major #JokeKeepr donor said Dan Ilic. "Bullsh**ng is fine in Time Square..but not Glasgow." said Dan on Twitter. Dan put out a call to raise $12,500 for one billboard to be shown over the 2 weeks of COP26 in Glasgow. His crowdfunding raised Au$216,340  from 2,519 backers. 
(Disclosure - I contributed to this crowdfunding and will receive one box of Who Gives a Crap climate emergency toilet paper)

25 October: Australian Government representation at COP26

James Larsen, the climate coordinator in PMC confirmed that Prime Minister Scott Morrison had indicated he would go to Glasgow COP26 climate conference on 15 October, the last day for registration. Energy Minister Angus Taylor is also confirmed. Warren Entsch also confirmed. Source.
"PMC officials have revealed Morrison is bringing 10 personal staff to Glasgow including senior advisers, advancers and his photographer. A further 17 from PMC and DFAT." advises Paul Karp (Guardian reporter) on twitter.

25 October: Australia's 2030 Emissions Reduction target not changing

Senate estimate questioning of a Deputy Secretary of the Department of Energy on 25 October reveals Australia's 2030 target not being updated. See Blog post Explainer Australia's 2030 climate targets for COP26 

25 October: Energy and Emissions Reduction minister refusing release of Net Zero 2050 Modelling

Senate Estimates were told that Angus Taylor would not comply with the senate order to release the Net Zero by 2050 modelling because releasing the document would not be in the public interest and would undermine the “concept of responsible government”. Source

22 October: Production Gap Report released, Greenpeace Unearthed reveals 

The 2021 Production gap report had a scathing assessment and profile of Australia. "Australian government projects increases in coal, oil, and gas production of 4%, 32%, and 12%, respectively, from fiscal year 2019 to 2030 (Australian Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, 2020a)."

A Report by Greenpeace reveals Australian government senior officials contesting statements in the draft IPCC Working Group III report on climate mitigation, on phaseout of coal and gas, and the extent of fossil fuel lobbying of the Australian government. See Blog Post: Australia's Technology not taxes Meet and Cheat Strategy for #COP26 while increasing fossil fuel production.

20 October: Australian NGOs publish Fairer Futures report on climate finance

Australian NGOs published the Fairer Futures: Financing Global Climate Solutions report. This report called for the Scaling up Australia’s contributions to global climate finance in three stages to 2030: including Immediately double Australia’s current climate finance to $3 billion over 2020-2025; by 2023, shape regional and global climate responses by committing an additional $700 – $990 million to the Green Climate Fund; by 2030, scale up Australia’s climate finance to meet its fair share of $12 billion annually. Read Climate Action Moreland Blog, September post on OECD assessment of climate Finance commitment.

14 October: satirical Australian climate Billboards go live in Time Square

Dan Ilic launches a crowd funding campaign to raise $12,500.00 to place three satirical billboards around Glasgow during the two weeks of COP26. His Indiegogo page is inundated with contributions.  Dan buys 10 minutes of time on the godzilla digital billboard in Times Square for 14 October. Just hours later Prime Minister Scott Morrison commits to going to COP26. Conincidence? maybe. A Rational Fear on Patreon. Ketan Joshi has done a projection of Australia's current rate of emissions reduction... to meet net zero by 2303!!! Tweet

Climate of the Nation Report 2021 launched: More ambitious climate action needed say Australians in 2021 Climate of the Nation Poll

September 17: Major Economies Forum - Global Methane Pledge

Prime Minister Scott Morrison attends MEF on zoom. Part of the discussion is on climate targets and also on  US/Europe initiative on Global Methane Pledge for a 30% reduction in methane by 2030 on current 2020 baseline to be launched at COP26. No record of Morrison participating on methane pledge. As at 24 October at least 35 nations have pledged including Saudi Arabia, Australia not among them. See Blog Post: Global Methane Pledge aims for 30 percent methane emissions cut from 2020 levels by 2030

August 9: IPCC 6th Assessment Report Working Group I on the Physical Science released

UN Secretary General calls this report Code Red for Humanity. It includes regional assessments: I detail the 2 page regional assessment of climate impacts for Australia and New Zealand. Read my review at this blog post: IPCC climate science report: code red for humanity says UN Secretary General

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