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Thursday, August 3, 2023

Record Extreme heat in Chile, Argentina... in winter.

We are just having a record warm winter in Tasmania, parts of Victoria and Sydney, slightly more pleasant temperatures, but in Chile and Argentina in South America at the moment it is winter...

Australian climate heatwave expert A/Prof. Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick (@sarahinscience) described the South American heat event:
"what the actual F**K. this is totally insane. When I first saw this, I had trouble believing it myself. I'm shocked. Buenos Aires broke a record by over 5C - that's like Sydney experiencing a 30+C day at this time of year. This is bonkers. #climatechange"

Climate historian M. Herrera posting as Extreme Temperatures Around The World (@extremetemps} described the heat event:
"South America is living one of the extreme events the world has ever seen. Unbelievable temperatures up to 38.9C in the Chilean Andine areas in mid winter ! Much more than what Southern Europe just had in mid summer at the same elevation: This event is rewriting all climatic books."

Climate sciientists Zeke Hausfather (@hausfath) said:
"Just in case our Northern Hemisphere summer wasn't crazy enough, parts of South America is experiencing 100F (38C) heat in the middle of winter...

Hausfather referenced this Washington Post article, some excerpts:
"Weather historian Thierry Goose tweeted that this was an “extraordinary winter heatwave” for Chile as the temperature climbed to 101.7 degrees (38.7 Celsius), a national record for August.

"Vicuña and Chiguinto in the central part of Chile, about 230 and 320 miles north of Santiago, respectively, both reached that mark Tuesday.

"Temperatures in the afternoon reached 4o to 45 degrees above normal (22 to 25 Celsius) for the date, and in some cases a bit more. Overnight lows have been exceptionally warm as well, ranging from above freezing in the mountains to as high as the 70s (mid-20s Celsius) in lower elevations."

"Many locations in Argentina also saw highs of 86 to 95 degrees (30 to 35 Celsius). Buenos Aires set a daily record for the start of August, with its high of 86.2 degrees (30.1 Celsius), which was more than 9 degrees (5 Celsius) above the previous daily record and nearly twice as warm as it normally is on the date. The thermometer rose to 98 degrees (37.2 Celsius) in the coastal city of Rivadavia."

Canadian amateur meteorologist Thierry Goose (@ThierryGooseBC) posted some of the site details:
Extraordinary winter heatwave in #Chile with a new August national record & huge diurnal variations!

38.7°C Vicuña [Tmin 3.9°C]
38.7°C Chiguinto (1,063 m)
38.2°C Altar de la Virgen (1,385 m)
37.8°C Casa Rosada (1,292 m) [Tmin 5.0°C]
35.7°C Monte Patria-Chilecito [Tmin 0.0°C]

The national Argentinian Meteorological Agency, SMN Argentina (@SMN_Argentina) also posted temperatures for Argentina:
1 AGO | #Temperaturas máximas (°C)🌡️

Rivadavia 38
Sgo Del Estero 36,2
Tartagal 36,2
PR Saenz Peña 35,5
Villa De Maria 35,5
Las Lomitas 35,4
Córdoba 35,3
Ceres 35
Resistencia 35
Cordoba Obs 34,5
Tinogasta 34
Reconquista 33,8
Oran 33,7
Sunchales 33,7
Pilar Obs 33,2

While warm winter temperatures for Argentina and Chile are not unknown, these are setting new month and  national records. 

Have we passed some heat tippig point? Possibly. 

Will this motivate leaders to increase the urgency of phasing out coal, oil and gas fossil fuels? 

Well, not quite yet in Australia, with new gas and coal mines still being approved.


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