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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Australia: Carbon Capture and Storage | Honest Government Ad

The Juice Media latest Honest Government Ad on Carbon Capture and storage.

Great dissection of one of the Australian Government Technology Investment Roadmap 'solutions' for climate change that actually results in little climate mitigation while it continues to enrich the Fossil Fuel mining companies.

Some references:

Boiling Cold - Peter Milne, Time’s up on Gorgon’s five years of carbon storage failure (16 July 2021)
The Australia Institute - Money for nothing (PDF),  Bill Browne, Tom Swann (May 2017)
The Australia Institute - Statement regarding the Technology Investment Roadmap (Feb 2020)
The Grattan Institute - The Challenges for CCS (2017)
Beyond Zero Emissions - Carbon Capture and Storage (2014)

1 comment:

  1. The petroleum industry is a very poor communicator and silence is not constructive - So I will endeavour to explain "Honest Government Ad" valid concerns. CCS absolutely works - been trials everywhere - BUT rarely implemented because it is very expensive. Due to the cost of CCS any company implementing the scheme would be uncompetitive to others producers. The Chevron case [I do not know the details] was part of their development plan agreement - this is a huge expense that their competitors do not have. So inevitably, corners are cut and risks are taken.
    Currently, Petrol and gas users do not pay anything for the emissions they generated. It is free for the user [not the planet] to pollute. This is why people have argued for a carbon tax. If you use FF you should pay to mitigate the pollution generated.
    Targeting individual companies is very ineffective in reducing emissions - usually, you make things worse. E.G The opposition to Santos' Narrabri Project is intense but all silent on the 2 LNG import terminals - this gas has +20% higher emissions than if produced locally.
    If you want CCS then have a carbon tax - If you ban something locally do not import!!!