Thursday, April 27, 2017

Stop Adani climate protest occupies Downer EDI office: Don't get into bed with Adani

About 20 Activists this morning occupied the Melbourne offices of Downer, an infrastructure company, to protest participation in developing the Adani Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin of Queensland, widely seen as a climate carbon bomb with no social license.

The Adani Carmichael coal mine is a climate carbon bomb that would push temperatures well past the 2 degrees C limit that countries set in Paris UN climate Conference in 2015 at COP21. Research shows that Australia needs to leave 95 percent of it's coal in the ground unexploited and unburnt to stand a reasonable chance of not exceeding the 2C target.

In January 2015 it was announced that Downer EDI had won a $2 billion contract for works at Adani’s Carmichael coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin, according to Australian Mining.

The Climate Guardian Angels were on hand in Downer's Melbourne office. They want Downer not to get into bed with Adani.

Two protesters have locked on to the doors. There has been no response from Downer CEO Grant Fenn to meet with the protesters and discuss the companies withdrawal from the Adani project. See the protestors written requests in a letter to the Downer Group (PDF)

At about 11.20am police have arrived on the scene. At 11.45am police have left the offices. The occupation has been peaceful and there is no threat, no harm in the occupation. Protesters argue the much bigger threat comes from Downer's willingness to build the Carmichael mine for Adani and the damage that will impose in Australia and globally through climate change.

A letter was sent to Grant Fenn, the CEO of Downer EDI a week ago.

We are writing to request that you end Downer’s business relationship with Adani regarding building or operating the proposed Carmichael mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin.

You will know through media reports, our website and social media that local grassroots groups throughout Australia are actively planning nonviolent direct action to target Downer, with the express intention of pressuring a withdrawal from your plans to build and operate the proposed Carmichael mine.

Climate change is the fight of this generation, with governments and corporations such as yours failing us.

Thousands of every-day Australian’s are embracing civil resistance for the very first time, willing to face prosecution that may result.

Australians stood strong to protect the Daintree Rainforest, Fraser Island and Franklin River. They will stand together to protect Aboriginal homelands, the Great Barrier Reef, the Great Artesian Basin and a liveable planet for their kids and grandkids.

Nonviolent direct actions are being planned by grassroots groups in multiple locations, escalating over time. We have attached a sample of our research that identifies some of the many Downer (and subsidiary) sites around the country that we will publish soon.

Local community members will also be engaging with your employees and contractors throughout the country, explaining our reasons for action, and inviting them to voice their disapproval of Downer’s involvement in this megamine.

Shareholder action will follow later in the year.

Actions are starting soon. However, we have left enough time for you to withdraw from your business relationship with Adani. We expect this by the end of April through a media statement and formal announcement to the Australian Stock Exchange.

StopAdani - DownerEDI protests

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