Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Great Forest National Park and Port Philip Bay: communicating conservation research at #vicbiocon17

Sarah Rees and Sheree Maris gave two inspiring presentations on science communication in conservation and biodiversity in an afternoon plenary at the Victorian Biodiversity Conference in Melbourne.

Its always nice to discover new natural wonders in our local area. It enhances our sense of place and pride in nature, and is an important motivation for conservation.

Sarah Rees and Sheree Maris bring us the wonders of the ancient Central Highland forests and the extraordinary ecosystems hiding just under the surface of Port Philip. Both of these environments are just on the edge of Melbourne, yet are largely unknown and unexplored by most Melburnians.

Their presentations were part of the Victorian Biodiversity Conference, 7-8th February 2017, being held at RMIT. The plenary title was Beyond the peer review: Research engagement without publishing.

Public Engagement and communication are important aspects for science communication, particularly in conservation and biodiversity which might entail campaigns for protection of ecosystems and species. What the public doesn't know about, they can not support.

Now we just need Labor Premier Daniel Andrews to stop VicForests logging the Ash forests in the Central Highlands and make the Great Forest National Park a reality.

Image: Sarah Rees on Great Forest National Park. Image by Pia Lentini/Twitter

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