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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Love in the Time of Coral Reefs

A powerful song by singer songwriter Ruth Mundy - Love in the Time of Coral Reefs

Thank you Ruth. It made me cry, and it made me angry.

Human induced Ocean warming and ocean acidification have doomed coral reef ecosystems and the Great Barrier Reef.

Coral bleaching will occurr every other year by 2034 according to scientists, and coral growth due to ocean acidification is projected to be negative after 2050.

Reef ecosystems are in palliative care from here on in.

Not even if we could stop emissions today with the most ambituous 1.5C decarbonisation pathway plans, could we stop this process due to the inertia in the planetary climate system.

Weep for the reefs, but also weep for ourselves, because we will all be much poorer from their destruction.

Time to get angry at the corporates and politicians who have effectively delayed effective climate action for over 20 years.

Some of my writings from the last 10 years on climate change and the future of the Great Barrier Reef and coral reef ecosystems:

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