Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Storify: The Silent Killer: climate change and Public Health. The #HeatHealth report launch

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The Climate Council released it's new report on climate change and heat health, on the impacts of extreme heat on public health. Nofibs reporter and climate activist John Englart was there at the Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital to document the occasion.

Key findings of the report include that:
  • 1. Climate change is a serious health threat for many Australians.
  • 2. As extreme heat events worsen, the risk of adverse human health impacts is increasing.
  • 3. Heatwaves can put intense pressure on health services.
  • 4. While the health sector has made significant steps in improving resilience to heatwave events, more needs to be done.
  • 5. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions rapidly and deeply is the best way to protect Australians from worsening extreme heat events.

Follow the presentations on twitter in my Storify curation of the launch of the report by public health researcher Dr Elizabeth Hanna, Climate Councillor Professor Lesley Hughes, Australian epidemiologist and public health researcher Professor Fiona Stanley, and Dr Stephen Parnis, an emergency medical doctor and Vice President of the AMA.

Here is the video of the launch:

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