Sunday, September 6, 2015

Storify: When you're in a hole stop digging: Naomi Klein at Sydney Festival of Dangerous ideas on Capitalism and Climate

Unable to attend Naomi Klein's talk at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas on Capitalism and Climate, I watched it live streamed via Getup and commented via twitter using the Climate Action Moreland account (@Camoreland). (Photo by @1millionwomen)

It was an historic speech both inspiring and motivating us for a more caring society, for us to make the leap and change the whole system, not just a slow piecemeal approach tweaking a few economic levers to reduce the worst climate impacts but still leave the substantial racism and inequality inbuilt in the system.

Though a feminist from a jewish cultural background, Klein urged us to read the Pope's latest encyclical, Laundato Si. Though Klein does not mention this, there has also been an Islamic declaration on Climate Change issued in August.

Klein implores us to be honest, bold and generous. As the politics is not now working, to change the politics. We need to change the system so that it works for the benefit of all. Watch the youtube video (58 mins) below:

Here is my storify which collates tweets from the 2,500 people present at the Sydney Opera House with people watching via live streaming and interacting via twitter.

I also collated a storify on Naomi Klein at the Melbourne Writers Festival.

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