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Sunday, October 6, 2013

IPCC report: Climate Council Q & A with Professor Will Steffen

While the AMOS event was occurring Professor Will Steffen and Amanda MacKenzie from the Climate Council conducted a live Q and A via twitter, facebook and youtube on the IPCC report.

The Climate Council was established two weeks ago after the Climate Commission was abolished as one of the first acts of the new Federal Government lead by Tony Abbott. The public reaction to the axing of the Climate Commission was an outpouring of donations to the new non-government Climate Council to continue it's valuable work. More than $1 million has been raised from 20,000 people, mostly in small donations.

The Climate council have already put out a summary PDF of the IPCC working group 1 report

A second report just published is on Australia's record September average temperature and record hottest 12 month period: OFF THE CHARTS - Record breaking September Heat and Climate

The website of the axed Climate Commission was originally taken down in its entirety, then the home page was republished. It seems some of the reports have also now been restored, although all the PDF reports have also been republished on a third party site, and the whole website has been archived by the National Library.

Here is the Q and A with Will Steffen on the IPCC report (57 mins):

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