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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Second chance for Rogue Weathergirl: Still Hot, Still Crazy

Those wonderful people at Deep Rogue Ram have given us more to laugh and think about with the current US Drought, climate change and the US Presidential election.

If you remember Pippa gave us the real weather report a few weeks ago at the start of September highlighting the record reduction in Arctic Sea Ice and unprecedented melting of Greenland ice sheet and thousands of record temperatures broken in North America.

Now she's back talking about the severe drought in the US and it's food crisis consequences on a global level.

Meanwhile the politicians in a presidential electoral race are out campaigning and talking about issues like the drought, but not a word about climate change. The climate silence from both of them is deafening.

And of course the media will try to co-opt anything to make a buck, even if it means advertising the advantages of 'clean coal' as read by smarmy newsreaders: a much smoother version of Australian radio shock jock and climate denier Alan Jones who has gone a step too far in maligning the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her recently deceased father.

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