Sunday, February 27, 2011

Perth setting new summer temperature records

It is a long hot summer in Perth with new temperature records being set. Perth has just broken its record for the greatest number of consecutive warm nights. The last 14 consecutive nights the temperatures has remained above 20 degrees. The previous record was 13 days in February-March 1985 and February-March 1990.

For day time temperatures Perth has endured 21 consecutive days of temperatures over 30 degrees. Perth is predicted to swelter for at least another week in over 30 degree heat. It is very likely this will be Perth's hottest summer on record with the previous record being 25 consecutive days of temperatures above 30 degrees.

Western Australia also has a new monthly rainfall record set in January at Kuri Bay in the Kimberley. 1339.5 mm of rainfall (1 to 27 January 2011) was recorded which is the highest monthly rainfall total ever recorded in Western Australia. The high rainfall was due to an active monsoon season in the north of the state, as a result of the current La Nina and aided by warmer than normal waters off the WA north coast.

"The actual monthly total was probably higher," said Mr Glenn Cook, WA Regional Climate Services Manager for the Bureau of Metorology, "given that the rainfall gauge overflowed before the observer was able to check the total on the very heavy rainfall day of the 11th, when 388.6 mm was observed."

Torrential rains, Cyclones, floods and heat waves. Australia is being subject to extreme weather events across the country. This is pretty much to be expected with global warming. Scientists have been warning for several years climate change is a reality in Australia and is set to make the Australian climate much warmer, wetter, with more extreme weather events.

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