Saturday, November 7, 2009

End CO2lonialism - Activists disrupt Barcelona climate talks final plenary

Adapted from an Original report Indymedia Ireland

At about 5pm this evening as the closing plenary of what can only be seen as a very disapointing climate talks in Barcelona, 2 people got up with a banner and walked toward the front stage shouting "Markets are the problem, not the solution". The banner said "End CO2lonialism". (Video on Youtube)

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They were quickly jumped upon by security guards at the conference and wrestled to the ground. A third person stood up and came to their aid, it appears she was taken away from the plenary by the security guards.

All three were evicted from the conference, no arrests were made.

Earlier that morning at 9am a banner was hung from a crane in a building site adjoining the entrance to the conference, it also read "The market is the problem, not the solution". El clima no està en venda! (The climate is not for sale) seems to be the loose group responsible for some the weeks bold direct actions. ((clima) Pengen pancarta en una grua contra el mercat d´emissions)

Also today there was another creative stunt inside the conference; Aliens landed at Barcelona climate talks, looking for planet earth's climate leaders. Dressed in White overalls with Green skin and zogabongs aliens had speech bubble placards that read "Where are your climate leaders?" and "Are YOU a climate leader?". Their action happened outside what seems like the US delegate base and seems to be part of the TCKTCKTCK group. (Take us to your climate leaders! | Youtube videos - We need climate leaders in Copenhagen, Avaaz aliens want climate action from US at UN climate negotiations)

Outside GREENPEACE people were giving out the days POSITIVE newspaper from Saturday December 19 2009... When (hopefully) the climate deal to save the planet is done. (INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE | Youtube video - Reactions to International Herald Tribune headline of a climate saving deal)

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