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Saturday, May 13, 2023

Australia ramps up funding for energy efficiency in Budget 2023. Baba Brinkman: Insulate it

The Australian Government in Budget 2023 put forward: Aus$1bn in “low-cost loans for double-glazing, solar panels and other energy efficiency improvements that will make homes easier – and cheaper – to keep cool in summer and warm in winter”; and Aus$300 million for energy efficiency social housing upgrades;

On the down side, a new coking coal mine was just approved by the Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek that will boost emissions. This is the Isaac River mine in the Bowen Basin of Queensland. (ABC News) Coal tracker estimates this mine will produce Lifetime emissions. 7 million tonnes. Coal produced. 3 million tonnes. Lifetime is 7 years.

Energy efficiency is not sexy,, and is complex to do to avoid rorting and addressing equity. But must be done.

To quote from
"Data from the department shows buildings account for around 19% of total energy use and 18% of direct carbon emissions in Australia.

Energy efficiency in buildings plays an important role for households, businesses and the wider economy. Improving energy efficiency can:

* reduce energy bills
* improve the comfort and health of occupants
* ensure energy security and affordability
* reduce the risk of blackouts by reducing peak demand
* lower carbon emissions."
In the lead up to the budget over 90 community organisations called for the Federal Government to Prioritise low-income housing energy performance retrofits in Budget 2023.

“We welcome the Government’s development of an energy performance strategy as an important initiative. An ambitious home retrofit package, prioritising low-income household, as part of the strategy, would play a critical role in the energy transition supporting lower cost and faster energy transition, permanently reduce energy bills, and improve the health, wellbeing and climate resilience of people.”

“Direct government investment in deep retrofits for homes occupied by people on low incomes would build economies of scale and market capacity reducing the costs for all housing retrofits, while reducing poverty and inequality for the most vulnerable in our society.” - Joint Statement on Energy Retrofits in the Upcoming Budget

This youtube music video by Baba Brinkman popped into my email feed to illuminate the issue and the importance of energy efficiency and insulation.

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