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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Flood the COP - Pay up for Loss and Damage at COP27

Photo: David Tong, Oil Change International

Will the conference achieve even a modicum of success in moving forward Loss and Damage and establishment of a Loss and Damage Finance Facility? That is still unknown.

A small battle was won at the start of COP27 to get Loss and Damage on the formal Agenda, but that is no gurantee of an outcome. There are countries who are still interested in delay, kicking the can down the road.

So on Friday members of civil society dressed in blue to Flood the COP at the conference. Most of the meetings had been shut down anyway due to the presence of US President Joe Biden and his speech announcing more details of actions the US is taking.

Early this week there was another flooding problem: a major sewerage flood at the UN Climate Change conference in Sharm El-Shiekh. Enough for people to start calling it Sharm El-Shit. 

This is symptomatic of many problems and stories coming out of this COP. Expensive food, with long queues. Very little access to water, initially. Delegates being rorted by accommodation jacking up prices. Little shade or space for civil society to organise. The atmosphere of suppression of local civil society and human rights.

Photo: David Tong, Oil Change International

Oxfam captured the mood

Loss and Damage Co-ordination provided an informative thread of the Flood the COP and the Loss and Damage issue with the visit of Joe Biden to COP27.

Sharm El-Shit

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