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Friday, November 5, 2021

The Australian climate billboards in Glasgow for COP26

Dan Ilic launched a crowd funding campaign in September to raise $12,500 to pay for a climate billboard in Glasgow. He reached that goal in under 3 hours. He ended up raising over $227,000 . 

A suite of billboard signs were Featured for 10 minutes at Times Square in New York. Money is also being spent on billboards in the leadup to the Australian election.

Three designs are featured on three billboards around Glasgow for the two weeks of the UN Climate Conference, just to inject some humour and let the locals and conference delegates know how on the nose Australia's climate policies actually are back home in Australia.

Don't believe me? Check out the Climate of the Nation survey showing the level of concern, and support for phase out of coal and other fossil fuels, ramping up renewables.

Ever wondered why Australians are leading the world with installation of solar panels on residential homes? Partly economic but also it is a personal demonstration of acting on climate.

A message from Dan:

We Did It! 3 Billboards Outside Glasgow.

G'day Folks,

Sorry it took a while to get photos of these billboards, aparently the main one on the A814 Expresway is too close to COP26 for the outdoor company photographer to get to due to all the road closures.

But here they are in all their Glasweigan Glory.

Big thank you to everyone who chipped into make this happen, and special thanks to the folks to paid a little extra to get their names in the frame, and a special thank you to someone else, they know who they are.

Incase you were wondering, the billboard company wouldn't allow us to use the word  "BullSh***ing" on the billboard, so we went with the Scottish phrase "Havering" instead:

Thanks for making this happen everyone.

And these billboards are solar powered, in SCOTLAND, don't tell Keith Pitt.



Dan Ilic does the A Rational Fear podcast on Patreon, listen on substack.

Disclosure: I contributed $500 to this Billboard campaign. For my contribution I get a warm fuzzing feeling of people reading these billboards in Glasgow, plus a sticker pack, plus a box of Who Gives A Crap special edition climate emergency toilet paper

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  1. THANK YOU MATE! Stickers are ordered, and WGAC now has your details... everything is coming! :-)