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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Gender equality and Australia's official delegation to COP24

Carbon Brief has done an analysis of the size of official delegations at the United Nations Climate Conference, COP24, meeting in Poland, and also the gender breakdown of each delegation.

Australia has an official delegation of 30 consisting of 18 female and 12 male delegates.

Our delegation has a far better gender balance than our House of Representatives with 29.5 per cent female representation or our Liberal Party in Government with just 20.3 per cent female representation.

The Australian delegation is one of a few with majority female representation, but others of note include Marshall Islands, Tonga, New Zealand, Cook islands, Samoa, Thailand, United Kingdom, Finland, Seychelles, Sweden, Norway, Peru, Romania, Serbia, Estonia, Hungary, Columbia, Costa Rica, Sant Lucia, Jamaica, Israel, Croatia, Eswatini, Iceland, Uruguay.

Carbon Brief comments:
On average, party delegations at COP24 are split 63% male to 37% female, which is almost identical to the 62%-38% split at COP23 in Bonn.

Thirteen countries have delegations with a 50-50 ratio, including Angola (26 delegates), Bolivia (20) and Latvia (20). Last year, Latvia was one of three countries to send an all-female delegation. This year, only Kyrgyzstan (seven delegates) has.

In contrast, eight countries have all-male delegations at COP24, including Pakistan (17 delegated), Tajikistan (10) and Barbados (8).

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