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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Politician statements on Australia abolishing the carbon price

On 17th July the Australian Carbon price was repealed on the third attempt through the Australian Senate with the amendments of the Palmer United Party adopted by the Government to ensure it's success.

Australia now has the dubious honour of being the only country in the world to abolish a price on carbon. Just as global action to price carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions is ramping up, Australia goes backwards.

So lets have a review of what the party leaders said in this debate:

Bill Shorten, opposition leader and parliamentary leader of the Australian Labor Party made this speech in the House of Representatives on July 14. Read the Climate Change debate transcript here:

Deputy Leader of the Greens and Member for Melbourne, Adam Bandt said the repeal of the carbon price was parliament's asbestos moment on July 14

Andrew Wilkie, Independant MP for Denison on the carbon price repeal:

Senator Christine Milne, leader of the Greens, made this speech in the Australian Senate on 15th July 2014. Read the transcript: This isn't Leadership, it's intergenerational theft - carbon price repeal here:

PUP Senate leader Glenn Lazarus speaking on 9th July 2014 to Ensure electricity REDUCED when Carbon Tax Abolished

Bill Shorten press conference on 16 July after passing the repeal of carbon pricing through the House of Representatives:

Sarah ferguson on the ABC 7.30report current affairs program interviewing Tony Abbott after the repeal was passed in the senate:

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