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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Climate Change Banner drop at London 2012 Games

In an open letter addressed to the international community attending the London 2012 Games, the group Climate Siren outlined why they did the action:

"The 2012 Olympics were a huge inspiration as to how we can come together to overcome challenges and achieve success – at many levels; as participants, as spectators, as competitors, even as a host nation. No doubt the Paralympics will equal or surpass this.

"But these Games can be an inspiration for us to confront the biggest challenge our species has ever faced – perhaps will ever face: The changing climate and the threat it poses to our civilisation’s very existence on this beautiful planet.

"Climate change is happening now. Don’t be fooled by those whose vested interests ensure that they would have you think otherwise. Or by colder winters. Climate change unfolds unevenly over time and is not uniform across all areas of the globe....

The group also hung a banner on the gates of Buckingham Palace on 23rd June 2012 the day after the end of the 'Rio+20' Earth Summit.

Police closed all traffic and pedestrian access on Tower Bridge. According to a police spokesperson "Specialist police recourses were deployed and approximately one hour later the protesters, a man and a woman, voluntarily climbed back on to the bridge and were arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage and a public nuisance."

No damage was done to the bridge, so the 3 activists arrested were released on bail in the early hours of the next morning charged with public nuisance.

Climate Siren ended their statement saying "Now is the time to take this seriously – to heed the facts and warnings from respected scientists and to have the courage to take the necessary actions, collectively. Let us use the inspiration of the Olympics and Paralympics as a springboard for a transition to a secure and sustainable future. With our fondest hopes for this nation of ours and the world,"

Read the full statement: Open Letter to the International Community Attending the London 2012 Games

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