Monday, March 28, 2011

Getup! to challenge the climate sceptic hosts dominating Talk Back Radio

Getup! is launching proceedings against climate sceptic talk back radio hosts following on from the ABC Mediawatch program on the lack of balance in the climate debate as presented by talk back radio hosts in Australia.

Jonathon Holmes of Mediawatch takes on the lack of balance in the climate change debate on Australian talk back radio dominated by climate sceptic hosts such as Greg Cary and Gary Hardgrave on 4BC, Alan Jones and Chris Smith on 2GB, Jason Morrison, David Oldfield and Michael Smith on 2UE, and Howard Sattler on 6PR.Watch the program broadcast on March 21 and read the transcript at the ABC Mediawatch: Balancing a Hot Debate including extra related material.

On March 23 it was reported that Getup! is taking on Sydney shock jock Alan Jones, demanding the broadcaster withdraw comments disputing the science of human-induced climate change. They are also undertaking action against Macquarie radio talk back host Chris Smith for unfactual statements. Chris Smith helped organise the No Carbon Tax rally in Canberra.

"It's wrong for ultra-conservative shock-jocks like Mr Jones to deliberately mislead their audience," GetUp's acting national director Sam Mclean said in a statement on Wednesday reported by Ninemsn, "We have standards in this country which demand the truth from our broadcasters."

Proceedings are being launched by Getup! through the Australian Communications and Media Authority's (ACMA) code of practice which states that broadcasters are required to make reasonable efforts to ensure that current affairs material, presented as factual, is reasonably supportable and to correct errors of fact at the earliest opportunity.

Getup! is organising a rally in Belmore Park near Central Station in Sydney on Saturday the 2nd of April to show our leaders the support in the community to tax the carbon polluters. RSVP Getup if attending the rally in Sydney. The rally is in opposition to a climate sceptic organised No Carbon Tax rally scheduled for Hyde Park the same day.

A similar Getup! rally to tax the climate polluters in Melbourne on March 12 attracted 8000 people, while a No Carbon Tax rally outside Julia Gillard's electoral office attracted only 200 people.

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