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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Perspectives on COP16 the Cancun Negotiations

World vs Bank

The last day in Cancun campaigners feared the worst, especially relating to the REDD agreement which actvists labeled as flawed and potentially planet-wrecking scam. The early hours of the morning saw the Adoption of Copenhagen Accord II Without Consensus - Bolivia was the dissenting state. While some NGOs like the WWF and Centre for Biological Diversity said tentative groundwork for a global agreement to fight climate change was made, the agreement fell far short of progress toward science based emission reduction targets.

Friends of the Earth summarised the Cancun meeting and final agreement or listen to the Radio Ecoshock summary on whether the talks were a step forward or fraud.

The 16th Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, or better known as COP16, was held in Cancun Mexico from November 29th to December 10th. A Last minute agreement based on the Copenhagen accord resulted over the objections of one country - Bolivia.

The grassroots global climate justice movement attended Gearing up for Cancun with official negotiations initially teetering at the edge of a "legitimation crisis." On December 7 Protest Erupted at UN Climate Negotiations with Youth Delegates Ejected, but there were several grassroots actions including shutting down the tar sands, respect for indigenous peoples rights, and actions organised by La Via Campesina.

Flickr Photos: FOE COP16 Cancun | Adopt a Negotiator | Tcktcktck | Oxfam: Demonstration in Cancun

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