Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hundreds of events round Australia call for climate target of 350ppm

From Alphington to Warrawong, Broome to Wagga, Townsville to St Helens thousands of people across Australia attended a diverse variety of over 175 different climate action events calling on politicians to set the target for CO2 emissions to 350 parts per million (ppm) for a reasonable chance of avoiding dangerous climate change. CO2 emissions are already at 387ppm so we need to have negative emissions through active programs to draw down and stabilise carbon from the atmosphere. Photos on Flickr

  • In Sydney 1500 people gathered at the Sydney Opera House forecourt and made a human sign spelling '350' with blue Umbrellas. The rally was addressed by speakers including Lord Mayor Clover Moore and ABC Science journalist Robyn Williams.Photos

  • A rally, march and human sign ocurred in Perth.(Photos).read more details from www.safeclimate.org.au


    In Melbourne events included

    The international climate action event was organised by 350.org.

    Hundreds of cyclists gathered and rode through the city of Melbourne before forming '350' as a human sign to call on the Australian Government and politicians from other nation states for substantial CO2 emission reduction targets to reach the 350ppm CO2 level, regarded by many scientists as the safe level to avoid dangerous climate change.

    Photos | Video

    This was one event of many in Melbourne held on October 24, 2009 of a global protest in over four thousand locations calling for climate action.

    Much of the ride was led by the seven seater Bikezilla accompanied by lots of kids, here outside the Victorian State Parliament. The State Government and energy minister Peter Batchelor has been advocating for a new coal export industry for Victoria, from the vast reserves of brown coal.

    Greenpeace climate change campaigner Julien Vincent has urged the Premier to instead invest his government’s efforts and resources into generating opportunities for the manufacture and export of proven renewable energy technologies.

    “If the state government wants to be taken seriously on climate change, we should be hearing announcements about turning the Latrobe Valley into Victoria’s renewable energy manufacturing hub,” he said according to a Friends of the Earth Media Release.

    At the end of the ride through the city cyclists gathered in a park on the south side of the Yarra river and constructed a huge human/bike sign calling for the 350ppm CO2 target to send a message to world leaders in Copenhagen in December. A blimp took an aerial photo of the human sign.

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